FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Visco provide?

We provide the best service of warranty and maintenance through experienced technician team. Our engineers are sent abroad to to be trained and update new technology frequently. Beside service of warranty and maintenance, we also provide customers with post-sales service including:

- Design and develop application programs, provide a total solution to meet customers needs.
- Set up and provide software to make sure all equipment operates perfectly.
- Inspector and test equipment
- Train technicians
- Other post-sales services such as maintenance and upgrading system.

Customer is satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Customers are completely satisfied with products and services provided by Visco.

2. What do I need to have to get the best support from Visco?

 In order to have the best advice and solution, the lowest initial capital and expenditure which fit to the minimum demand at present and extra demand in the future, you need to provide us with full and faithful information, such as:

-          Layout drawings with dimension in detail

-          Owner’s requirements with clear figures.

-          Representative should :

     be  in charge of or join in the project directly.

     have competence to make decision.

     follow up project progress as well as other requirement.

Information shall be sent via email, fax, by post or directly to Visco office or Visco staff could come to your office for discussion if necessary. In some cases, information provided is not accurate, solution given is not appropriate, leading to difficulties when project is carried out, waste of effort of buyer and seller, damage of property and delay of progress.

3. Does Visco have discount for regular customers?

Visco established since 1994 with thousands of regular customers and partners nationwide. This is the property of Visco in the present and future. Caring and maintaining this customer group is always our concern for many years. Our customer care service satisfies customer needs with services of guarantees, maintenance, offering new products and services and upgrading older systems. We pay a lot attention in providing most reliable product and prompt after sales services, certainly regular customers do enjoy privilege pricing.

4. What if I want to change information related to my orders such as product name, delivery time or delivery location?

After all the procedures of buying and selling services are completed, Visco purchasing department will planning for carrying out orders, including the preparation of goods, materials and sub-human (if order is fitting set) and means of transport. So if you need to change, please report immediately to the staff that you are dealing to adjust in time. If this causes us to damages of material, please pay costs according to agreement of both parties.

5. How about the warranty of products distributed by Visco?

Warranty period for almost equipment is 12 months or more depending on each product after testing and commissioning. Warranty time is specified in quotation and warranty card.

During the warranty time, Visco has responsibilities to repair or replace spare parts if it is manufacturing defect.

Equipment will be sent to factory for repair or repaired under the guidance and supervision of the producer. Other guarantee will be clearly stated in quotation or warranty card.

Within warranty time, Visco technician will be present at the site to trouble shoot within 12 hours from notice date of customer.

In urgent cases Visco will temporary lend another product with the same function while waiting for the new product

The equipment will be repaired within 7 days if in Vietnam. In case equipment must be sent abroad, customers will be announced.

6. How does Visco solve problem which occurs after the warranty time?

In case of customer's request, technical support service will be renewed by the annual maintenance contract with low cost if the equipment is still in operation time. Our goal is to provide customer the best service and support.

 In order to satisfy customer’s needs, Visco has established a service system of technical support nationwide. Please contact our service and technical support center to get the best guidance if you have any question.

7. Policy to change, return goods or refund

a) Visco accepts to change or return goods when the following cases occur:

 - Incorrect type or design as ordering.

- Faulty goods

- Incorrect quantity

- Physical condition is damaged

- Quality is not as required ( not operating) or other fault within warranty term

- Agreement between Customer and Visco

Please check goods and signed on delivery note when receiving.


b) Visco will not accept to change or return goods when:

- Do not accept the return of the goods purchased (except for special cases)

- Over 07 days after receiving goods (excluding the delivery time)

- Returned goods has incorrect model or is not supplied by Visco

- Not follow installation, environment conditions or instruction of usage noted in the technical documents attaching with the equipment

- Opening, changing product’s structure on one’s own initiative, used spare parts not comply to the products’ technical standards.

- Warranty time has expired