• Scan 3D – VR360 Showroom Car


    _ Link Video:

    _ Despite social distance, an efficient online business solution does not prevent clients from purchasing.

    _ Technology to visit the Car Showroom on the actual website and see the interior, architecture, structure, and other characteristics of the car...

    _ With amazing benefits such as:

    •  Save time, consult online, and finalize sales faster owing to the integration of Virtual Tour Guide technology.
    •  Provide clients with complete and accurate product and service information in the most intuitive and colorful manner possible.
    •  View the interior and outside of an automobile on any device, including a phone, PC, iPad, VR glasses, and more.
    •  Rotate 360 degrees, zoom in and out, and switch booths together with ease.
    •  Delivers up to 100% realism across media,...