• Virtual Tour Enrollment For School

    Virtual Tour Enrollment For School

    _ Link Video: 

    _ On some kind of VR360 Link, the entire school is vividly and precisely depicted.

    _ The solution allows viewers to see the whole scene, including information within each space and location, as well as facilities and educational material. Create the impression that you are actually in that location and walk about.

    _ The following are some of the advantages of using VR360 technology in schools:

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    • Assist lecturers and students in having a full and intuitive experience in each picture frame.
    • Assist Lecturers/Students in recognizing where Faculty/Classes are located on campus.
    • Easily incorporate all teaching materials, such as text, links, photographs, and videos, into a 360 VR Tour.
    • Build VR360 Tour with an infinite number of views.
    • Compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and VR glasses...
    • Lecturers/students can conveniently access and share the website with others.
    • On the VR Tour platform, the school and lecturers consult with students via video call function.